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The European Movement International team - 23/05/2019

Dear Friend,

Voting for the European elections is starting today.

In the next few days, about 400 million Europeans get the chance to help determine the direction the European Union will take.

So we are launching our last ‘Get Out The Vote’ video.

We need to keep hoping, keep voting and keep showing up. We need to replace the rhetoric of fear with love, and the time is now to tune in, speak out and wake up!

Help us spread the word on FacebookTwitterInstagramYoutube and LinkedIn.

With Facebook and Twitter severely limiting the capacity of civil society organisations to do pan-European political campaigning, we need you to play an active part so we can together spread the word and increase voter turnout.

So please share using the links above and happy voting!

#GoVote #EUelections2019

Best wishes,

The European Movement International team


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