The UK is in Crisis | We need your help


The UK is in crisis - we need your help.

Everything that has followed the referendum result 3 years ago has divided Britain and has plunged it in a political, economic and constitutional crisis. The government’s decision to suspend parliament is a grave danger to democracy in Britain.

But this is your fight too. Brexit will be a disaster for Britain, but its repercussions will be felt across Europe. If supporters of Brexit like Farage, Johnson and Trump triumph, it could embolden the far-right across the continent. The future of the entire European project is at stake

Since the Referendum in 2016, the European Movement UK has been leading the fight to secure a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.

In March, we put a million people on the streets to demand a vote on any Brexit deal. We have grown from 12 local branches to over 150, in towns and cities across Britain. We are the largest pro-European grassroots organisation in the country, with thousands of activists leading the fight against Brexit in their local communities.But we can’t win this fight alone.We need your help.

A small donation from you can help the European Movement UK give our members and supporters the tools they need to win a People’s Vote and stop Brexit.



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